How Often Do You Wash Your Bedding? |The Fine Bedding Company Review

In all honesty, my Sunday’s are dedicated to freshly washed and ironed bed sheets yet regularly washing my Duvet has never really been my thing. I know i’m not alone when I say that duvet’s just seem like hard work to wash and fit in washing machines, not to mention the drying time for a soaking wet duvet and if like me you’ve tried to bath wash one- you’ll know the struggle. Whenever my duvet seems to have run it’s course I would usually get rid of it and buy a new one. But according to The Fine Bedding Company I’ve been wasting money!


So when was the last time you washed your duvet? because 24.5% of Brits admit to never having washed theirs! with women being the least likely to do so. The dirty facts below really are eye opening, but it’s safe to say that many of us are getting cleaner in bed, with more than half of the duvets sold in the uk being machine washable. As for  those of us that do wash our duvets at the laundrette, you could be saving £270 on cleaning bills!


The Fine bedding Company sent me one of their Spundown Duvets and Pillows for me to test. I really wanted to see whether I could wash, dry and get my duvet with fresh bed sheets back on in a day. After using the duvet for a week, I had begun to enjoy just how snuggly and light weight it was, not to mention how tidy and smooth it looked when I made my bed each morning (it’s the little things) so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t quite be the same again.

But! to my surprise the duvet fit right into my washing machine with no issues, and it plumped right back up before I put it out on my balcony to air dry. It literally took a few hours, which I honestly didn’t think was possible. I underestimated it so much, that I hadn’t even managed to iron my bed sheets in time!

If like me you’re rather surprised reading this here are some official lab findings on the spundown duvet: 

  • It easily fitted into a 7KG washing machine
  • No clumping – the filling hadn’t significantly moved inside and plumped when shaken
  • Retention of loftness (no loss of plumpness/bounce)
  • No excess shrinkage
  • No deterioration of seams, stitching or to fabric – maintained its resistance to creasing
  • Dried in 45 minutes in a standard dryer

Now, I will definately be washing my duvet every few months particularly as I suffer from allergies, So watch my Video review to see just how easy it was.



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